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The Idiots Guide to Kettlebell Sets

Kettlebells are not a new product that just exploded out of nowhere. They have in fact been in gyms for a long time, adopted from Russian weighlifters. But thanks to the crossfit revolution that is occurring, kettlebells have dramatically grown in popularity in the US. But they didn’t grow in popularity just because they’re the…

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What You Need to Know About a Home Workout Bench

A home workout bench isn’t a necessity when building a home gym but if you’ve got space, it can definitely be useful. Along with your dumbbell weight set, the bench can be used to develop your back, chest, shoulders, legs, whatever. Workout benches are sold by many manufacturers. They can come in various heights, colors, etc,….

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The Ultimate Guide to Exercise Resistance Bands

What is an exercise resistance band? A resistance band is a piece of equipment that is not only affordable, but ultra portable, and very effective. On average, exercise resistance bands will cost an investment of less than $20. This is a very low price to pay for something that will provide much more value. The…

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What You Don’t Know About Home Pull Up Bars

You’re in grade school. It’s that time of year for the dreaded physical fitness test. You’ve aced all the other tests. It’s now time for the toughest and most difficult. The one that you’ve dreaded forever because it just seems so impossible. You try and try and try, kick and jerk and kick, but you…

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The Upside to Dumbbell Weight Sets

It’s a new year. You’ve decided yet again that it’s time to get back into shape. But you don’t have time or want to put with the packed gyms and their endless supply of Buff Bagwells. So you decide the next best thing is to workout at home. As long as you commit and remain…

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