The Idiots Guide to Kettlebell Sets

Kettlebells are not a new product that just exploded out of nowhere. They have in fact been in gyms for a long time, adopted from Russian weighlifters. But thanks to the crossfit revolution that is occurring, kettlebells have dramatically grown in popularity in the US.

But they didn’t grow in popularity just because they’re the new IT thing. They’ve grown because they work. When used consistently, they produce results. The shifting balance point when completing kettlebell workouts helps you hit muscle groups that you didn’t even knew existed.

As with shopping for any weight equipment, kettlebell sets are sold by they pound, usually about a dollar a pound. So there’s no big surprise there. But when you are shopping for kettlebells or sets of kettlebells, there are a few factors that you should consider.

The first thing to consider is the handle. The handle is where the seam occurs when kettlebells are manufactured. This seam should be filed down by the manufacturer to ensure that it is smooth and won’t cause injuries when put into use. This should not be an issue with higher end/more reputable manufacturers. But the lesser known brands may not be this detailed in their production. Be sure to look for the smoothness.¬†The handle and the full weight itself may or may not be covered with a plastic coating. If the seam is not filed down, it will not matter if the weight is coated because the seam will eventually break through.

Also with the handle, handle diamter and width needs to be taken into consideration. Heavier wieghts and some kettlebell exercises require a two-handed grip. Regardless of the exercises that will be performed, look for weights that have a diameter of 30mm and up to 38mm. This will ensure that you do not have any issues as you progress in your level of fitness. Handle width of kettlebell sets tends to get wider as the weight of the kettlebell goes up. However, some manufacturers extend the width of the handles for smaller weights to ensure a comfortable grip.

Next is the kettlebell itself. In some brands, the kettlebell is constructed in two pieces. This type of construction tends to be less durable and can break. It is best to look for one piece construction in your kettlebell sets. You also want to look for a flat bottom. A flat bottom on your kettlebell sets will allow you to use your kettlebell in a pushup stance or other manners. If the bottom is not flat, your kettlebell will be wobbly and could lead to a workout injury.